AIS Class B



NAUTICAST B2  made by 1st Reliese GmbH -  Austria

Price: 550.00 Eu (incl. 20% VAT, programming, test sheet for Maritime Administration and delivery in Bulgaria)


Using the VHF maritime band the NAUTICAST B2 Automatic Identification System (AIS Class-B) is an exciting development in the safety of navigation. The NAUTICAST B2 facilitates the exchange of navigational data between passing vessels and shore-based monitoring stations. Knowing other oncoming vessel names, their course, speed and current navigational status, it contributes to increasing safety at sea and collision avoidance in low visibility conditions.


The NAUTICAST B2 fully exceeds all specifications for the leisure market as outlined by main authorities such as IMO, ITU and IEC. It offers a great value and an excellent feature set by coming as a compact all-in-one kit, providing you with space savings and simplicity. The kit includes the Mounting Plate, both VHF and GPS antennas and our Link2AIS Software.


Main Features

bulletPremium and valuable design
bulletQuick and easy installation with a single box solution
bulletReady to interface with chart plotters or Multi Functional Displays
bulletIncluding Link2AIS Software (may be installed on a PC)
bullet12-24VDC power input
bulletUSB interface
bulletLED’s to indicate operational status
bulletAll-In-One Kit comprises of:
bulletHandbook for Installation and Operation
bulletMounting Plate
bulletVHF-Antenna + mounting + cable
bulletGPS-Antenna + mounting + cable
bulletPower Cable



Model: Nauticast B2
Product Number: 1st3001001
Size: 195x145x35mm
Power: 12-24VDC, 3W Average power consumption,

10W Peak power consumption,

1A Peak current consumption

Electrical Interfaces: RS232, RS422, USB
VHF receivers: 2 AIS Receivers (shared between AIS and DSC)
  1 DSC Receiver (shared between AIS and DSC)
  Frequency 156–162MHz
  Sensitivity -107dBm for 20% BER
VHF transmitter: 1 Transmitter
  Output PWR 2W nominal
  Frequency 161–162MHz
Internal GPS Receiver: 48 Channels
  1 Hz Update rate
  5V DC Antenna feed
  IEC61108-1 compliant
5 LED Lamps:  
PWR Green
  In Operation
TX Amber
  Transmit Timeout
ERR Amber
  Rx noise level >77dBm
  GPS Ant. connection failure
  GPS module failure
CH1 Tricolor
  Green Receive AIS data
  Amber Transmit AIS data
  Red DSC data mode
CH2 Tricolor
  Green Receive AIS data
  Amber Transmit AIS data
  Red DSC data mode



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