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Measuring Instruments and Equipment used during radio survey and EPIRB servicing:


- EPIRB TESTER      Maker: WST Inc. Canada  Type: BT100A   SN:2265  see   calibration certificate in pdf. form

   Decodes signals from all Cospas-Sarsat EPIRBs; measures frequency on 406 and 121.5 MHz ; measures power on 406 and 121.5 MHz

   exceeds requirements of IMO Circulars MSC_Circ.1039 and MSC_Circ.1040


- EPIRB decoder/programmer    Maker: ACR Electronics, USA    Type: FPR100    SN:01194


- FREQUENCY COUNTER     Maker: LUTRON(UK)  Type: FC-1200   SN: M073937  see calibration certificate in pdf. form

   features:  Measured frequency: 0 - 1200 MHz in 3 scales. Sensitivity: 20 mV


- SWR-P meter   Maker: LODESTAR (USA)  Type:330   SN: 823561    see calibration certificate in pdf. form

  Measures RF power in 3 ranges: 0-4W; 0-20W; 0-200W of frequency scales: 1,8 - 150 MHz; 140-520 MHz


- AIS Tester         Maker: SINEQUANON (R.S.A.)   Type: AITS-R   SN: 010201-0080       see  calibration certificate in pdf. form

Decodes all signals from AIS and VHF(DSC) ch.70, measures power and SWR of AIS


OSCILLOSCOPE     Maker: VELLEMAN (B)  Type: APS230   SN:04040035   see calibration certificate in pdf. form

 Features:  2 channel, 2 x 30 MHz,   portable , battery power supply


- BATTERY TESTER    Maker: VOLTCRAFT  (D)     Type: FY-64       SN:100581

    This tester is ideal mean for testing condition of reserve source  under internal load. Suitable for batteries with capacity above 55 Ah.


- AVO-METER     Maker: METEX  (KR)  Type: ME-32   SN: BF23971     see calibration certificate in pdf.  form

general use AVO-meter featuring DC to 1000V, AC-750 V, AC/DC current up to 20A, Resistance up to 20MOhms




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